среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

From crisis to hope

Save one life at a time. Unplanned pregnancy sound like Sentence. You can make a difference in the life of one child whose mother is vulnerable to abortion because of lack of support and information. Our ministry here to meet women in the most difficult time of decision making. We help women vulnerable to abortion to make informed decision educating her about fetus development and other options then abortion. We stand alongside her during pregnancy and the first two years of baby to help her by supporting her and meeting her and babies needs. Can you stand with us for one little fragile life by becoming the partner with us.

суббота, 29 сентября 2012 г.

Programme "True love waits."

Teenage years, it is very ruff time, when a young person choose the values for his lives, something that will guide him in decision making for his life. This is the time when character forms. We live in society when media and TV took the main role of influencing new generation and that influence show them unrealistic model of behaves without negative consequences. More then hall of the marriages in Kharkov end up in divorce that leave young people with scars on the heart and broken trust in love. That lead them in relationship out of marriage, when women are more vulnerable to abortion. Our program designed to help youth in this ruff time learn about goal Ian's chooses they make, how it can influence their future. We teach of true values and sexuality as a wonderful God' s gift to humanity in the marriage for strengthening relationship and for reproduction. we teach on devastating effect of abortion. And happy marriage as a goal. And that depend on the character. You can make difference in lives of teenagers by supporting the program that shows better way of life then world advertise, the way of love. And the true love waits.